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The First YouTube Cat, Pajamas Concierge 

On May 22 2005, YouTube co-founder Steve Chen became the first ever person to upload a cat video to YouTube - a 30-second clip of his pet playing with a rope titled “ Pajamas and Nick Drake”


$PAJAMAS was born out of the nostalgia that we all know and love in crypto. The simple beginnings have quickly grown into a movement that celebrates $PAJAMAS and works towards its mass adoption as the father of all cats on the blockchain.


Pajamas Market


About Steve

A Taiwanese-born American Internet entrepreneur who is one of the co-founders and the previous chief technology officer of the video-sharing website YouTube, he joined Google Ventures in 2014.

In a non-professional sense, he is a cat lover who happens to be the first person ever to upload a cat video on YouTube nearly 2 decades ago.

Why Does BitNational Support Pajamas?

CEO | Co-Founder Matthew Haddon has spent some time getting to know the dedicated voluntary team behind $PAJAMAS, as well as Steve Chen. Covertly, Matthew spent countless hours getting to know the thousands of community members supporting the project, and the feedback has not only been enjoyable but one of the most wholesome communities he has seen since earlier days backing much larger coins such as Bitcoin.

The First YouTube Cat is a community takeover project, meaning there is currently no organization profiting from the release, trading, or utilization of the $PAJAMAS memecoin. The value of the cryptocurrency will be entirely derived from the natural interest in the project, much like how Bitcoin or Doge and some of the earliest cryptocurrencies gained popularity, tethering community support.


BitNational has offered full support of its current and growing ecosystem to integrate $PAJAMAS, offering the memecoin a much wider audience.


We are excited to support the growth of the community-derived project starting with a customized concierge experience.

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